20 May

President of IHBCM

Charles Ko (1990-) has been elected one of the Fellows of the Burgon Society in UK (FBS) since 2012. Besides, he obtained the Licentiate in Drama Education with Honours of the Victoria College of Music and Drama (L.V.C.M.(Ed.)(Hons)) and the Dip.SCSM(Musicology) in 2011. He is currently a GoldMedallist in Bandmastership. He has been qualified to apply for the Licentiateship in Music Theory International Music Examinations Board (IMEB) and Licentiate in Musicology of the Australian Society of Musicology and Composition. He has achieved the 9-consecutive-year French Horn Music Instrumental training in the Music Office of Hong Kong. He is now the Fellow of The GMS (FGMS – 音樂家及歌唱家聯會院士, Fellow of the Guild of Musicians and Singers).

In drama education, he is the Full Practising Member of The Society of Teachers of Speech and Drama (MSTSD).

What does IHBCM stand for?

IHBCM stands for the International HongKongers’ Board and Councils of Musicology and Musics.

What is the aim of the Society?

It aims to collect different kinds of thesis or dissertation papers related to Musics of the world in order to increase public’s awareness of the cultures in Music world.

Since it is just the beginning year of the society, we especially need your support. The society is now encouraging you to be our members. Members application will be assessed by our secretary and the final decision will be by the Board President. Besides, we also encourage different smaller scale societies of or for musics to be our affiliate or association members. Once the request is accepted, your society will also be one of our councils of the Board.

You are welcome to email to ko_kashing@hotmail.com for the details.